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The Global Toy Box, Inc., and our sister companies, Awareness Products Online, Custom Fundraising Products, Promo Premiums Plus and Global Souring Agents are located on the West Coast (San Diego, California). We have a warehouse and fulfillment located in San Diego, California and an office located in China.

We are a full service promotional, fundraising and retail products manufacturer and supplier. We have 25+ years’ experience in the custom promotional, retail, and licensed products industry, working with major multi-national corporations, retailers, and nonprofit organizations.

Our Experience includes working with major Hollywood studios, developing programs with the top QSR Companies worldwide, Action Sports, Lifestyle and Kids brands, Retail and promotional products sourcing, Gas and Oil Corporate and retail program development.

Our expertise is in designing, developing, sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfilling products for promotional and retail programs, fundraising for non-profit organizations and incentives and “giveaways” for large and small companies.

We have vast knowledge and experience working with nonprofit clients on a national and local level (Chapters, Affiliate offices, Sponsors and Volunteers) to develop fundraising and consumer awareness programs create attractive and cost-effective products which consumers feel compelled to purchase to support their cause.

We provide custom branded products which help build brand loyalty, awareness and profitability and develop programs in conjunction with our clients to ensure all marketing, awareness and fundraising objectives are met.

We have sold millions of products on a direct to client basis and through our on-line retail web site, as well as direct to wholesale clients for resale to retailers.

Our wholesale and retail clients depend upon us to help develop and manufacture high quality unforgettable products that increase sales and brand recognition.

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- We offer creative services, concepts, brainstorming and ideation
- Full product development services including research, development, and pricing
- Cost saving modification of existing products or new, custom designed products
- Mockups, Modeling, engineering, pattern design and sampling
- Intellectual property licensing research, negotiation, approvals, trademark, and legal management


- Thousands of worldwide suppliers in multiple product categories
- Direct-to-Factory relationships – means no “middlemen” markup
- Best prices and options for products and manufacturing in the USA or internationally
- Expertise in plastic, plush, apparel, jewelry and many other custom and “off the shelf" products
- On-site supervision and intervention testing with independent QA, QC, and safety audits
- Personalized attention, with local personnel for each program and production run.
- Factory audits and “Code of Conduct” requirements


- Delivery services to your door, fulfillment center or our fulfillment center
- Foreign importation, customs clearance, and delivery
- Full-service fulfillment warehouse centrally located in Stacy, MN using industry-experienced customer service representatives
- Dedicated web site / pages for viewing products and ordering
- Customer Service phone and e-mail support service
- E-mail / internet / fax / and mail orders
- Online and customized management reporting, sales, and inventory control


- Payment and Purchase Order processing
- Payment and Purchase Order processing
- Royalty collection, fees, reports, and payment services
- Revenue collection, reports, and payment services
- Donation collection, management, and payment services
- Full or partial financial assistance for program development and management
- Product funding options
- Contract negotiation, and royalty recommendations based upon industry standards


Custom Retail and Promotional Products, Sourcing, and Consulting